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Brand Consultancy

We "CHANGE YOU" through our D4 Strategic Framework.


Specialists in organizing Events, Fashion Shows, Media Management, Designing & creating Innovative concepts.

Political Strategists

Expertise in Developing Strategies, Execution plans & 99% success rate for customers who are passionate in this space.

E2E Campaign Management

Full fledged team available to execute End to End campaign strategy with agreed Goals upfront.

Technology Solutions

Providing Emerging technology Solutions in Cloud / Mobile / AI / ML with core engineering skills available in multiple locations.

Social Media / Listening

Social Listening across multiple platforms using latest technologies.

Research Analysis

Simplified Surveys thru advanced Technology Solutions.

Data Analytics

Anlaytical reviews & reports based on facts.


Strategic Consultancy for All Verticals

We provide Consultancy primarily for all Brands (Companies, Individuals) but our core specialization is in POLITICS, FASHION, RETAIL, GOVT / PUBLIC SECTORS & FINANCIAL SERVICE areas.

Technology will CHANGE the way we do business

Disruption by Technology is attaining peaks & hence OUR focus is on EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES.


Creativity is our core competency & we take pride in what we DELIVER. We keep it SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE for our CUSTOMERS.


  • Integrity
  • People FIRST

Integrity is everything WE believe in. This defines US.

Integrity means following your moral or ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching you.

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We believe in our PEOPLE to create the impossible.

Our Employees are our Leaders who drive our business forwards. We at CHANGE YOU love to take care of them first. We believe they in turn will take utmost care of our Customers.

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CHANGE is Constant & WE Understand this very well.

We learn, Unlearn & Relearn as much as possible. We understand that being in the comfort zone is not going to make us or our customers successful. We Listen & provide Simple, Effective Solutions which benefit all.

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CHANGE YOU lives & breathes all the core values listed below. We are proud that we are able to deliver what we commit to.
Our Customers have acknowledged us for this key Value we exhibit in all our dealings. And we are proud of our team.
People FIRST
Our Employees drive our growth & we take very good care of them. We believe they are part of our Leadership team.
Change will always be there. No need to feel the discomfort & We are there at every step of your Journey.
Make your company a world wide known
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About us

We LISTEN to our Customers, passionate & dedicated in whatever we do. We understand YOU, We BELIEVE in YOUR Dreams, We want to with you together & make YOUR dreams a reality.

Our team has the experience, skills & capabiity to achieve the impossible. Our Performance has been appreciated by our customers & that's testimony of our growth.

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Strategic Consultancy

Business strategy

Strategic Consulting is not child's play. You need experience, skills & Capability to advise on Strategy. This cannot be devised sitting in Meeting rooms but need thorough Research, Analysis & Statistics to prove that your strategy will work.

CHANGE YOU has the expertise, team & capability to deliver Multi pronged strategy for its Customers. Strategic decisions change the shape of an individual or an organization & hence CY places utmost importance to get this RIGHT the FIRST TIME itself.

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